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School Newsletter


Good Evening Jefferson Families,


We are into our second week of Distance Learning. We had a wonderful turnout for our packet distribution. Despite the cold, over 90% of Jefferson families came to school to get the packets. Thank you!!!! In talking with the teachers and staff, they report that things are going better than expected. Of course, they would much rather be in the classroom teaching face-to-face. We miss you! Thank you, parents, for your support during this difficult time. Remember to just do your best, that is all we expect. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask any staff members or myself. We are all in this together, and we are here to support you!


Teacher appreciation week is right around the corner so if you have a couple minutes, please drop a note on your teacher’s (or any teacher!) padlet. These notes will absolutely brighten their day and let’s be honest...we all need our days brightened around here! Jotting a note on the padlet is very simple. You don’t have to sign up or anything. Just click on your teachers link, hit the + sign and write a few sentences. That’s it!  Please don’t forget about our art, gym, and music, teachers!  


Here are the links to the padlet for each Jefferson teacher!

Mrs. Valinski:

Mrs. King:

Ms. Thomas:


Ms. Mahar:

Mrs. Ball:

Mrs. Lamphere:

Mrs. Seibold:


Ms. Coty:

Mrs. Groom:

Mrs. Audia:

Mrs. Janetzke:


Mrs. Pohlson:

Mrs. Johnson:

Ms. Hemingsen:

Mrs. VanBeveren:

Mrs. Buche:


Mrs. Hawley:

Mrs. Yeiter:

Mrs. Dawes:

Mrs. Misner:

Mrs. Dykstra:


Mrs. Jones:

Mrs. Henry:

Mrs. Mercer:


Thank you for taking the time to help show us appreciation for the hard working staff at Jefferson.  We appreciate and miss all of you!


Matt Vogel

Jefferson Principal